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First Vita Plus Power Herbs Dahon ng Sili

Dahon ng Sili Nutritional Info : First Vita Plus

Capsicum frutescens is found throughout the Philippines plated here and there about dwellings but also thoroughly established in open, waste places in settles areas.

Dahon ng Sili

Its fruit is a popular condiment. The leaves are used as vegetable; an excellent source of calcium and iron, a good source of phosphorus and vitamins A and B.

It is an important gastrointestinal deoxidant and also serves as a stimulant, digestive, rubefacient, stomachic, sialagogue, alterative, antispasmodic, febrifugue and depurative.

Nutritional Value Pungent principle, capsaicin; solanine; vitamin A and B; citric acid; palmitic acid; capsicin; oleoresin; volatile and fixed oils; pentosans, 8.28%; pectin, 3.2%.

The Five (5) Power Herbs

Malunggay Dahon ng Sili Saluyot Uray Talbos ng Kamote

Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera),
Dahon Ng Sili (Capsicum Frutescens),
Saluyot (Corchorus Olitorius),
Uray / Kulitis (Amaranthus Spinosus),
Talbos Ng Kamote (Ipomoea Batatas)

The Power Herbs Health Benefits

Moringa Oleifera Health Benefits (Malunggay),
Capsicum Frutescens Health Benefits (Dahon Ng Sili),
Corchorus Olitorius Health Benefits (Saluyot),
Amaranthus Spinosus Health Benefits (Uray / Kulitis),
Ipomoea Batatas Health Benefits (Talbos Ng Kamote)


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Josefina Rizo Health Story

"I had gallstones. My pancreas had a cyst. My liver was affected. All these meant undergoing surgery and possibly chemotherapy... Risk of developing cancer... My husband, who suffers from hypertension also feels better now because of his regular intake of First Vita Plus." More Josefina Rizo Health Story

First Vita Plus Power Herbs Dahon ng Sili

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